Security is our Philosophy.
Cryptography is our Religion.

VEDA is built on our proprietary zero-knowledge cryptographic tool and protocol library

Efficient Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Zero knowledge protocol allows you to prove that you know some secret (or many secrets) to somebody at the other end of communication without revealing it. This gives strangers a way to trust each other. However, while this is true in theory that basically any statement has a zero knowledge proof, opening up the possibility for a vast range of privacy preserving applications, designing proof systems that are efficient enough to be used is significantly more challenging.

Provably Secure Provenance

Provably secure consensus protocol are consensus protocol where consensus can be proven to be secure where security requirements can be stated formally in an adversarial model, as opposed to heuristically, with clear assumptions that the adversary has access to the system as well as enough computational resource.

Posterior Corruption Protection

Posterior Corruption Protection is an important feature of a consensus protocol that is suitable for proof of stake. It means that security can be achieved even when an adversary can target past comVEDAes and corrupt the majority of a past comVEDAe as past comVEDAe members may no longer hold stake in the system, thus have nothing to lose by voting dishonestly.

Large-Scale Scalable Consensus

There is now a way to combine a fast and simple “asynchronous path” with a (slow) synchronous “fall-back" path which only gets executed if something goes wrong, such as when leaders become corrupted. Once new leaders are elected, the protocol will revert to the fast “asynchronous path”. Consequently, we get consensus that essentially are as robust as the best synchronous protocols, yet optimistically (if a super majority of the players are honest), the protocol instantly confirms transactions.

Quantum Resistant Foundation

Quantum Resistant (post quantum) cryptography refers to cryptographic algorithms (usually public key algorithms) that are secure against an attack by a quantum computer. We use completely new mathematical models for our algos that are theoetically quantum resistant.

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About VEDA

VEDA is a privacy-preserving identity information stewardship system designed for legal and compliant enterprise applications, especially in GDPR compliance.