Decentralised Enterprise Excellence

Identity is a part of a blockchain-software-as-a-service middleware architecture.

Solid Cryptographic Fundamentals

VEDA is built on the proprietary Spooky Crypto Library, named for the description of quantum entanglement by Albert Einstein: spooky action at a distance.

Platform Agnostic

VEDA can integrate into most blockchain and distributed ledger platforms, such as but not limited to Corda, Hyperledger, Stellar, Ethereum, EOS, Cardano, and NEO.

Compliance Suite

Real & Reliable Digital Identity

VEDA is a self-sovereign identity service network that exercises stewardship over the constellations of trusted, attested personal data that make up usable, reliable, universal digital identities.

Sources of Legitimacy

VEDA works with a notary service network comprising of legal practitioners and authorised entities for practically and legitimately contributing to operations in blockchains and distributed ledger platforms.

Administrative Suite

Robust & Reliable Registry

VEDA forms the backbone of a registry service network for managing combinations and configurations of identity and access data that is secure and compliant with the latest and future privacy regulations.

Safe & Efficient Governance

VEDA supports a governance service network that supports the execution of accountable decision-making comVEDAes of any size at any time while protecting the identities of comVEDAe participants.

Transactional Suite

100% Anonymous Messaging

VEDA enables a zero-knowledge messaging service network where multiple parties may send messages with complete anonymity by default yet held accountable while preserving varying degrees of privacy.

Secret & Secure Payments

VEDA enables a zero-knowledge payment service network that safeguards all details of transactions by default without compromising scalability and accountability by varying degrees of privacy.

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About VEDA

VEDA is a privacy-preserving identity information stewardship system designed for legal and compliant enterprise applications, especially in GDPR compliance.